Events & Training

PRP Events and Training

Free Sector Workshops

We provide introductory workshops which are either free or cost-effective for the higher education sector in quality assurance and review.

As part of our role to give back to the sector, we offer free sector workshops to bring HE communities together to discuss key challenges and good practice. 

The free sector workshops we offer include: 

  • How to use the Peer Review Portal
  • Introduction to our Annual Health Check 
  • Introduction to our Annual Global Reviews

Peer Assisted Independent Reviewer (PAIR) Sessions

Our Peer Assisted Independent Reviewer (PAIR) Sessions  is an annual academic mentoring program with guided support through a two-hour online Zoom sessions. 

Sessions are facilitated annually to support the higher education sector in self assurance and external peer review. 

Sessions are $90+GST per person

Contact for more information: [email protected] 

The two-hour PAIR sessions include: 

Peer Collaborators/Mentors

  • Peer Collaborators facilitate an online Zoom session

Independent Peer Reviewer/s 

  • Independent Peer Reviewers participate in a feedback session to discuss results and build networks

  • Certificate of Scholarly Activity when the workshop is completed

Discuss review and evidence

  • The session discuss the review results, questions and actions

Support with feedback  and discussion

  • The feedback session provides key points and lessons learnt from reviewing