Sector Health Check

Sector Health Check

We support an annual health review of units/subjects, courses and fields of education to improve the overall health check of the course and the discipline.

Student Performance Data

The PRP can turn lag student performance data into timely comparative data for internal and external reporting.


The annual health check is about the direct assessment of learning outcomes.

Each institution identifies units/subjects/courses for an annual health check. Units/subjects are reviewed based on their assessment tasks, assessment design and student work samples. Courses are reviewed based on their course level learning outcomes, assessment, rubrics and data.

Independent Reviewers

The PRP Online Community connects education communities and individuals to share expertise and search for independent reviewers.

Workshop Activities

We support independent reviewers with workshops on how to review. Each reviewer also receives a Certificate of Scholarly Participation when they have completed the review.

Final Report

Each year a Final Report is produced, identifying the fields of education, areas of good practice and areas for improvement. See Health Check Report (2021) Our Health Check aligns with UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4)

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