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Our Mission

Our mission is to support and advance education institutions whilst seamlessly connecting to industry, professional bodies and government agencies.  Our review system and services must be sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective  to support  evidence-based quality assurance with reward and recognition.

Online Peer Solutions (OPS) Pty Ltd (trading as Peer Review Portal) is a third party organisation which specialises in providing the higher education (HE) sector with cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable cloud-based solutions and services to support and meet accreditation, professional accreditation, and other regulatory requirements. The Peer Review Portal supports the HE sector to meet TEQSA’s Higher Education Standards Framework (2021).

Australia’s quality and standards agency in HE, the Tertiary Education quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), refers to the Peer Review Portal as an online support mechanism which individuals, education providers, industry, networks and professional associations in meeting national and international standards in external peer review (TEQSA Guidance Note External Referencing, including benchmarking, 2019; TEQSA Guidance Note: ELICOS Direct Entry).  

The Peer Review Portal (PRP) is a cloud-based review management system and online community of practice for quality assurance and review with no infrastructure or redevelopment costs. The review management system can be linked to other institutional online systems and reporting.

There is an increasing onus on higher education institutions across the sector to demonstrate an evidence-based approach to self assurance. For example, Curtin University is using the Peer Review Portal to support their Curriculum Analysis, Review and Renewal Schedule (2018-2022)

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Some background information: 

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Give your time and expertise for free  on our annual sector reviews. Benefits include: 

  • MyAccount section records your expertise and experience, which is aligned to TEQSA Independent Expert requirements

  • Certificate of Scholarly Activity for each review

  • Free calibration and course conversation workshops with your peers


Join your discipline and expert groups to share, discuss and lead evidenced-based projects. Benefits include:  

  • Join different communities of practice across the  education sector 

  • Connect discipline and expert peers in quality assurance and review

  • Search for expertise for quality assurance reviews

global benchmarking review

  • Our two sector themes for 2021 are: 
     Sector Theme 1: Institutional impact and innovations in online technologies and online experience due to COVID-19 
    Sector Theme 2: Developing, maintaining and supporting equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Information on global review

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