Support & Empower

The Peer Review Portal's unique features include:

  • A range of scholarly types: course, unit, assessment, benchmarking, scholarship, professional accreditation
  • My Account section to support building online public profile and scholarship portfolio
  • Search engine for finding reviewers
  • Calibration and panel discussions
  • Certificate of Scholarly Activity for each completed review
  • Individual, faculty, institutional reviews are reported and actioned



  • Scholarly Activity Profile

  • Regulatory Frameworks & Guides

  • Sector Communities of Practice

  • Sector Reporting and Actions



  • Scholarly Activity Profile

  • Policy Frameworks

  • Leadership

  • Resource Allocation

  • Institutional Expectations

  • Staff Development

  • Institutional Monitoring

  • Reporting and actions



  • Field of Education Profile

  • Disciplinary and Multi-disciplinary scholarship

  • Disciplinary communities

  • Professional development

  • Calibration

  • Professions monitoring, reporting and actions



  • Scholarly Activity Profile

  • Evidence of Scholarship

  • Professional Development

  • Teaching, research or professional practice

  • Individual Scholarship Plan, reporting and actions

What are UNESCO's SDG 4?

The Peer Review Portal supports the Four Development Strategies (SDS),
developed by the Incheon Declaration (2016) to meet UNESCO's SDG 4

Strategy 1 (SDS1)

Increasing access must be accompanied by measures to improve the quality and relevance of education and learning.

Strategy 2 (SDS2)

Teachers and educators are empowered, well trained and efficiently deployed across the whole education system, and supported with well-resources, efficient and effectively governed systems.

Strategy 3 (SDS3)

Systems and practices for assessment of quality learning that include evaluation of inputs, environments, processes and outcomes should be instituted or improved. Relevant learning outcomes must be continually assessed as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

Strategy 4 (SDS4)

A focus on quality and innovation also requires strengthening science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM).
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