Health Check Audits

Our Health Check Audits provide a comprehensive evaluation that empowers your institution with a clear path towards self-assurance.
Regulatory & Professional Standards Alignment
We ensure that your institution's activities are aligned with the relevant regulatory and professional standards within your chosen country.
Organizational Chart Alignment
We synchronize your institution's organizational chart with clearly defined delegations of responsibility.
Delegations of Responsibility Identification
We pinpoint and establish transparent delegations of responsibility and reporting structures across your institution.
Forms & Template Mapping
Our process includes the mapping of all forms and templates used across your institution.
Review of Policy Suites
Our audits encompass a thorough review of your policies, procedures, and guidelines, highlighting areas of commendable practices and opportunities for enhancement.
Evidence Maps Creation
We guide you in developing evidence-based maps that correlate with regulatory standards, enabling you to showcase compliance.
Data, Reports & Systems Evaluation
We identify all pertinent data, reports, and systems within your institution for a comprehensive understanding.
Our integrated approach assures that your institution is aligned with regulations, optimally organized, and equipped with the necessary tools to continuously enhance its practices.

Health Check Services

  • Health Check Audits
  • Curriculum Reviews and Panel Discussions
  • Benchmarking assessment and grade distribution data
  • Sector audits on key quality enhancement themes
  • Policy Reviews and Development, including Evidence Maps
  • Industry Engagement, Employability and Professional Reviews
  • Accreditation Reviews
Our Health Check services support regulation and accreditation. From our institutional health checks, we can support your quality assurance and regulatory requirements with a range of confidential services
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