Introducing the Higher Education Dashboard

Your Academic Management Hub for Institutions and Staff!

Discover a Powerful Academic Management Tool:

The Higher Education Dashboard is tailored to meet the needs of Higher Education staff and institutions. With a wide range of features designed to streamline your academic projects, reviews, and collaborations, it's your ultimate academic management companion.

Seamless Project Management:

Effortlessly navigate and track your projects from initiation to completion. Stay on top of your academic endeavors, all in one place, with an intuitive dashboard that showcases your projects in sequential order of use and date.

Efficient Review Processes:

Be at the forefront of academic excellence by accessing projects where you've been invited to provide vital reviews. Streamline your review process and contribute to the academic community's growth.

Foster Collaborative Success:

As a collaborator, you can invite others and manage collaborative projects with ease. Engage fellow project owners, reviewers, and collaborators to ensure every endeavor reaches its full potential.

Real-Time Datasets & Compliance Support:

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time datasets, accessible through a convenient subscription. Navigate regulatory and professional standards frameworks effortlessly with access to evidence maps for compliance assurance.

Your Expertise in the Limelight:

Craft your professional profile and showcase your expertise and experience. Let your accomplishments shine on public profiles, research portfolios, and social platforms, all connected through the dashboard.

Connect and Network:

Engage with Higher Education experts in your field through sector-specific community groups. Collaborate on resources, discover new opportunities, and stay informed with the latest sector news, events, and updates.

Academic Payment Made Easy:

We've integrated Stripe for secure and hassle-free payments. As a reviewer, enjoy the seamless process of getting paid for your valuable contributions to academic projects.

Unlock the Full Potential:

Whether you're an academic professional, administrator, or management staff, the Higher Education Dashboard empowers you to be at the forefront of academic quality assurance. Join now to experience a world of academic collaboration and advancement!

Ready to embrace a new era of academic excellence? Sign up now and harness the power of the Higher Education Dashboard for Institutions and Staff!
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